Patch for new GCG database format (Wisconsin Package v10.2)

Patch Description

This patch solves the problem of incompatibility between GenCore and the new database format introduced in the Wisconsin Package version 10.2.

Installation Instructions

Initialize GenCore environment:

# source /path/to/gencore/cgn_init

Download file for the required platform using links below. Replace the file /path/to/gencore/${ARCH_DIR}lib/dbl_modules/ with the downloaded file. It is recommended to back up the old file before replacing it with the new one:

# cd /path/to/gencore/${ARCH_DIR}lib/dbl_modules
# cp
# cp /tmp/ .

Download for GenCore 5.0x for SunOS 5.6 (32 Kb) for SunOS 5.7 (41 Kb) for IRIX (51 Kb) for OSF1 (40 Kb)

Download for GenCore 4.5x for Solaris (43 Kb) for IRIX (54 Kb) for OSF1 (40 Kb)

If you are using GenCore version other than the ones listed above, please contact Biocceleration support. Please mention the GenCore version you'd like to get this patch for (you can find out what version you are using by running "om -version")

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