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GenCore 6
The latest version of the GenCore software package offers improved performance in our accelerated implementation of rigorous homology searches such as Smith-Waterman, FramePlus and HMMSearch, with the best performance achieved on Intel Core 2 based Linux systems. It also offers Percent Identity Search, a Smith-Waterman based application best suited for intellectual property analysis. All our homology search applications can be run in multiple threads on multi-core, multi-CPU servers, as well as parallelized over a network of Linux servers using MPI.

10/2008: GenCore 6.3 with improved performance and Open MPI support is now available.

Review GenCore 6.3 Release Notes


Download GenCore 6.3 software and documentation (updated 10/2008)


Download GenWeb 6 Beta software and documentation (updated 05/17/2006)


Software and Documentation Downloads

GenCore 6.3 (10/2008)


GenWeb 6 Beta (05/2006)


GenCore 5.1.6 (08/2003)


GenWeb 5.1.1 Beta (12/2001)

Previous versions

GCG 10.2 patch

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